Friday, July 2, 2010


Remember me when you write your amazing poetry, I’m the one who lives for its beauty and chemistry.
There is a light shining down through the darkest sky.
The beacon sent to guide me to that garden on high.

Remember me when the warmest breeze kisses your ear,
With your words of mercy and your kind words that cheer.
For where the bird flies and the bell tolls my shadow lies.
It will fall upon you and you’ll see me through divine eyes.

Remember me I’m the mystery that dwells in your heart,
The compelling thoughts and fertile seed of thy poetic art.
For when the robin sings and the little white cloud cries,
The music and the teardrops capture the hope it implies.

Remember me I’m the cool water that refreshes your soul,
The moisture of baptismal waters giving youth to behold.
For convictions are subtle in the whirlpool of tranquility.
Letting peace and happiness enter the world of reality.

Remember me I’m the foundation of all of humanity,
The body and soul of human nature existing in vanity.
For my heart joins the very fibers of true existence.
Letting you bask in the glory of your own persistence.

Remember me I’m the one who loves you.

Truly, forever, through the annals of time.


  1. I'm speechless....
    no words can compare...

  2. This is by far one of the most heart touching Poems that you have written yet. All of your poetry is impressive but this one left a footstep in my heart which I will never forget. The love that you show and the wisdom divine opens my heart to yours to share your love with mine. I am so happy that we are friends.
    Love Your Friend,
    Tamara Lesley