Friday, July 16, 2010


This is what I sincerely believe and for no other reason then Love I want you to listen to me. I believe in what's solid and firm something that's not a mystery and is easy to confirm. I believe in Love. I'm not sure that the Holy Bible was written under the influence of God and I don't know for sure that from here there's a here after. There's one thing for sure that I do know and that's the power of Love and how it can grow. Hate, disagreement, and turmoil are a few of the things that cause war and distruction. Where as true Love given is the quickest way to peace and serenity. Whether God sits somewhere above us on his throne to guide and direct us is still a mystery to me. I know for sure that if the foundation of our life is fortified with Love we will have a great destiny. There's a God in my heart and I call my God Love and my God's as strong and as powerful as anything that comes from above. Love is not something that you need blind faith just to know that it's there if you open your eyes you'll see it everywhere. I believe in LOVE and that's what I wanted to share. You can have some of my LOVE it's from Big Daddy Cash." I really care."

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  1. Your love is precious to me, it always has been. Great piece, written your way. I loved being here reading it, full of wisdom as usual, keep writing, love Wennie xxxhugs