Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Landlord Lives in The Basement

by Big Daddy Cash

Being a land lord can make anyone turn old and gray. I’ve been a landlord for just a few years and I think I’ve aged twenty-five years or more. I’ve got to be God, the Judge and the jury, I’ve got to be the father, grandfather, the bishop the pastor and the priest. I’ve got bottoms to wipe, teardrops to blot, fights to referee, the whole life of a landlord is a menagerie. When the lives of all my renters have been mended my days not through, it’s just begun. Now I have the holes in the walls to repair, doors to fix, toilets, phones, and TV’s too. Hold on that’s not it yet, I still have the lawns to mow, trees to prune, fences to repair and last but not least weeds to pull. Now after all this I’m dam lucky if I can collect the rent.

When you own your own building, excuse me, . when the building owns you. . .you’ve got to be all things, . . at all times. . .to all of your renters.

It’s a sin for you to get sick or be tired and if you run out of steam you can’t be fired. Being a landlord is really a bitch. Don’t get me wrong it has it’s rewards it’s just that I haven’t had time to find out what they are.

All I know is that when things go wrong they all say go see the landlord he lives in the basement. Why is it when I have a problem I have to go see me?

I've got to love them, understand them, reprimand them, and command them. I'll do all of these things if you call me in my apartment downstairs. You see, I’m the master of my domain and being a master means I do all the work. Go see the master he’ll know what to do the tenants are fighting in forty two twenty two. Hey landlord the drains are backing up in forty two sixteen. My husband came home drunk and beat me up in forty two eighteen. There’s a fire in the kitchen in forty two twenty...Hey, that’s where I live, I even have my own problems to fix.

When I first started landlording in the year nineteen ninety nine I thought this will be great most the rent I collect will be mine. If I buy only fourplexes I can live in one free and I’ll make all my tenants part of my family. "WOW". . Was I ever mistaken! What I bought was hard work, disappointment and misery and a tenant family that would redirect my destiny.

I can tell you stories that you wouldn’t believe about being the owner and manager of rental property. There are times when your tenants are out of work and you have to create jobs so they can survive. Then there’s the time when you get woke up at two, police cars all over the place, your renters son has just robbed the corner convenient store. You get a call early in the morning from your tenant next door telling you that her baby is do and nobody in her house knows what to do. Then there are the calls you get from your neighbors telling you that your renters are partying to late and to loud. Oh, there’s the call that comes from Tim Buck Two my cars broken down and I need you. I can go on and on it never ends whether I take it with a grain or lose my mind, that depends.

Go see the landlord he lives in the basement right down the stairs. He’s the nicest landlord and he’ll fix anything because he really cares.

Now let me tell you about the Bimbo’s you inherit when you buy property. I’ve had a couple that were really misfits to our society. There was the Don Dean situation, that really was a joke. He was my first eviction and believe me it was far from being sweet. I asked this man to get out and you could really feel the heat. He said he’d stay for as long as he pleased and there was nothing I could do. The law protects the renter and the landlord can go to hell. So I had the board of health close down his unit and I moved his shit out in the street. He swore that he’d make my life miserable and that I’d be sorry we ever met. That was three years ago and the man is still a threat.

The next one was a lady and I won’t mention her name but she was a real conniver and knew how to play the game. She had lived in her unit for the past six months free and figured she could get another six by pulling the con on me. I told her right up front she had to bring her rent up to date and if she refused she’d have to vacate. She just laughed at me and as I walked out the door,and I heard her say, "Old man, I’ll live here as long as I want, you can’t get rid of me just try and you'll see." That night she had a party, I guess to celebrate her victory. I had her place raided at three o’clock that morning and now she’s got a new home and I guess you could say it’s rent free.

Now there’s a moral to this story and if you want to find out more. The landlord lives in the basement so just knock on his door.

What’s the fools name? Why it’s Big Daddy Cash

The landlord

A group of American tourists were being guided through an ancient castle in Europe.

"This place," the guide told them, "is 600 years old. Not a stone in it has been touched, nothing altered, nothing replaced in all those years."

"Wow," said one woman dryly, "they must have the same landlord I do."

Poor Old Woman

Once upon a time, there lived a poor old woman. She had only one child who currently was living in The United States of America.

Unfortunately, the old woman finds it so hard to eat. Sometimes, only one meal a day and sometimes, none at all.

Her concerned Landlord decided to see how he could help and the following conversation ensued...

Landlord: Mama, I thought you have a child living in the United States ?

Poor Old Woman: Yes sir, I do

Landlord: So, why doesn't she send you any money?

Poor Old Woman: Shioo!...That ungrateful girl! After all the sacrifices we made for her. She never sends money to me. Instead, she sends pictures of some old men I don't even know at all

Landlord: Ehh??..ahh??......thats bad o!. Can I see the pictures?

Poor Old Woman: Don't mind her ojare, Yes you can see the pictures

The woman handed over the pictures.

What the old woman had described as pictures of old men were lots and lots of paper notes (DOLLARS!)

So.......what would you do if you were the landlord?

A rather attractive woman goes up to the bar in a quiet rural pub. She gestures alluringly to the barman who comes over immediately. When he arrives, she seductively signals that he should bring his face close to hers. When he does so, she begins to gently caress his beard which is full and bushy. "Are you the landlord?" she asks, softly stroking his face with both hands.
"Actually, no" he replies.

"Can you get him for me - I need to speak to him?" she asks, running her hands up beyond his beard and into his hair.

"I'm afraid I can't," breathes the barman - clearly aroused. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes there is. I need you to give him a message," she continues huskily, popping a couple of fingers into his mouth and allowing him to suck them gently. "Tell him that there is no toilet paper in the ladies room."

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Jimmy,

My love for you is unconditional as a blood brothers love should be. I've worried about you and prayed to my God asking him for an answer that would relieve all your miseries. I've meditated for hours upon hours trying to figure out a way to help put you back in command of your life. If there was anyway possible I'd step into your ora and straighten out all your problems for you, both you and I know that's impossible even though my intentions are sincere. Even though I really want to help you I can't allow myself to be misguided by compassion and shield you from the reality of your brunt errors. To do this would cause devastating results subsidizing failure. Let's face it Jim you are my brother and I don't want to see you fail.

Even though I'd gladly change places with you it wouldn't work because in my new role I'd find success and in your new role you'd fail. It's the hard truth that I'm telling you and I hope it's not to late for you to listen to me.

Through all my meditation and prayer it's become plain to me, that if you're ever going to find happiness, peace and serenity it's all up to you. You have to take complete control of your life and be the master of your own destiny. My doing this for you would only eliminate all your incentive and go against human nature. To give you love in the form of protection and comfort just might be the wrong thing to do.

You've been stumbling, falling and out of control for a very long time and I know you've sought help from a good many sources. Nothing has worked because you've been looking in all the wrong places. Motivation classes, treatment centers and all kinds of therapy are not the answer for you. The answer is so simple and I know you'll baulk when I give it to you. But listen to me anyway Jim, I've been there and I know.

The first thing you're are going to have to do, and I know you'll strongly resist, is re-except the God that you know. Once this is done then you can again become the master in control of your life. It's almost impossible to do this without God on your side and very improbable.

Being the master means you except responsibility for all things that have happened to you. Regardless of what has happened in your life except the fact that it was you that made it possible. No matter what our stance is in life, we are there because we were or we were not in command. I love you Jimmy but my unconditional love isn't enough, I have to be strong enough and relentless enough to give you strong and true love.

With a little common sense and a whole lot of faith all things are possible. Somewhere in the Bible there's a scripture that reads; "Be not deceived, God shall not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.’ And again it tutors, ‘in the furnace of affliction I shall refine thee." There's your answer Jimmy, you're a person with much more then average intelligence so you know dam well that I'm right.

I Love You Jim, Your Big Brother Cash


My brother Jim took his life because he was tired of trying. My letter was found in his mailbox unopened.


My brother Jim lives in heaven completing a mission for our God all mighty. I love him dearly and occasionally I visualize his existence. I talk to him as I’d talk to you and it is real to me. When I don’t see him sometimes I write him letters to let him know how much I miss him. I travel beyond the realm of my imagination.

Dear Jim,

It was really a pleasure talking to you today. Believe me Jim, it made my day. I am looking forward to your visit next weekend, it will be great to have you share your presence with me and my four legged family.

This message should give you an idea of my inner most feelings. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

I am fully aware that I do not understand many of lives circumstances, self-disclosure helps me to see things, feel things, imagine things, hope for things that I could never have thought possible. The invitation to transparency, then, is really an invitation to authenticity. It is also an invitation to allow myself to be vulnerable.

When I allow my love ones to see me for who I really am , I am less afraid I will be rejected in the future. When my friends and love ones accept and love me unconditionally I know I will never have to hide in the relationship in the future.

To have inner peace it is necessary to be consistently loving in what I think, in what I say and in what I do. I think thoughts of love. I speak words of love. I demonstrate unconditional love for my love ones in all that I do.

Openness means being willing to communicate my deepest feelings. There can be no intimacy without conversation. The only way my friends and love ones and I can truly communicate is to tell the truth. Truthful communication moves real love and creates a condition of unity, love and satisfaction.

For intimacy to grow in a healthy relationship there can be no withholding; feelings - both positive and negative - feelings must be shared equally . The act of withholding the truth is always potentially a lie.

The energy required for the self-discipline of honesty is far less than the energy required for withholding. I am dedicated to the truth and live in the open and through the exercise of courage to live in the open, I become free from fear. Fear cannot exist whenever insight is valued above feeling frightened.

I listen when you share without making judgment. My heart is always open to hear what you have to say. A good relationship is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude.

God bless you Jim, as I look, feel and cry for your presence.

Unconditionally yours, Big Brother Cash

Friday, July 23, 2010

A room where all dreams and desires are manifested.

Big Daddy Cash opens the door to the world of fantasy. A room where all dreams and desires are manifested.

My Dearest Elena,
In the world of dreams there is a room adorned with silver and gold and all the most valuable jewels known to man. In the middle of the room is a king size bed with a down feather mattress and pillows made from the feathers of a dove. The bed is made with the finest silk sheets the color of a dark red rose and the pillows are as white as fresh fallen snow. Each pillow is engraved with the purest gold thread one says Cash the other says Elena. I placed the loveliest rose from the garden of love upon Elena’s pillow and the rose opened wide to show the beautiful face of lovely Elena and God whispered to me that she is your goddess your queen.

In the world of dreams leading through the cut glass doors from the glorious room there is a balcony patio landscaped with all of natures most beautiful plants and flowering vines. It overlooks the valleys where the rivers flow and the waterfalls weep down into swirling pools of glory. You can view the sunset on the far arisen as it colors the sky with flaming shades of fiery hues. Far below you can see a large park with giant trees reaching up to where you are standing holding out their branches like loving arms to envelope you in safety and comfort.

If you close your eyes and relax in the atmosphere of your imagination you can hear your favorite music in magnificent rhapsodies of romantic splendor. We can dance all night holding each other and transfer our inner feelings as we look deeply into each others eyes. There is no place anywhere like this on the planet earth or anywhere in the galaxy. This is a world of dreams for only Cash and Elena.

I love you my dearest Elena… In our dream world you are mine and I am yours… We can love and lust each other and never miss a magical moment… Our minds, our bodies and our spirits are tied together bonding us forever in a fantasy that only you and I can share. May God be with you forever and may he show you my unconditional love,

Big Daddy Cash

Monday, July 19, 2010


LOVERS LULLABY by Julie Ann Cottingham

Silent now, be silent
Let this lullaby begin
As words become irrelevant
Distant voices calmed within
Silently, come closer
Let the touch become our words
Gently as we fall in love
Distant voices can't be heard
Quietly, a kind of hush
The still and charismatic night
Closer, coming closer
Distant voices, distant light
Silent now, be silent
As music plays in time
The lullaby of lovers
And I have lost my mind
No one else can see us
There's no one else around
Do you see them as they fade away
Distant voices, distant sounds
Until there echo's memory
Succumbs to hidden depths
Hush, I think they've gone now
And we alone are left


Stamped Impression by wendy joy brady

The seal of approval
Is all yours
Attached, it is your guarantee
Of authenticity

One can't open without
Owner's complete knowledge
You stamp your impression
Serving as a symbol of love

What a gem to preserve
A gift representing, the time and date
Evidential fit, mystique
Looks quite prophetic

Enclosed tight
Given, under my hand of light
Authority to confirm
The confession

A secret so enclosed
Can't be stipulated or implied
Just confidentially denied
The great privy received

Looking at the death genius's face
Final proof of devotion
Bound to a secret location
Where the seal will never be broken

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The God Source Is Within You

Open your mind to the Oneness of God and to the profound abilities of the human mind. For in God there lies a secret passageway to the mind, through opening up to eternal, external thought coming from within and without, accepting the super conscious mind source.

Accepting the God spirit within you allows your thoughts to be limitless. The totality of the God source is you in perfection for in life there is no death, only a crossing over to the world from whence we came. Where our thoughts crystalize and the imagination manifests that which it seeks. Where your thoughts for tomorrow, are in existence in the here and now. Time no longer has its boundaries either in the mind or in life itself. The totality of the God source is you in perfection.

I would say to you to take life easy day to day. If that is too difficult, live for the moment. That is all that matters, what is happening in this time and space. All of your worries and fears will be allayed if you will believe in you. For today is such a small spectrum of your time which builds upon all other experiences in your journey through life. What is important is the love that you give to yourself to complete the circle of unending love given to you from God above.

Open your soul to the full knowledge that all living things are pure energy sent from the Heavens. An energy that is sent with love and devotion to our souls growth.
Expand your mind to accept the many dimensions of changes that you alone can affect in both your life and your loved ones.

Accept the God source within, love your self and let your light shine. Many dimensions consume us with thoughts, emotions and the knowledge that there is more to see than meets the eye. May I leave you with thoughts of the unknown that will enhance your life with the search for eternal knowledge from God and help you to open to the many gifts that the Holy Spirit, your guides and Angels want to impart to you. I leave you with love and blessings for a loving and prosperous life.

written by: Tamara Lesley
Novel: A Chosen Journey can be found at:

Friday, July 16, 2010


This is what I sincerely believe and for no other reason then Love I want you to listen to me. I believe in what's solid and firm something that's not a mystery and is easy to confirm. I believe in Love. I'm not sure that the Holy Bible was written under the influence of God and I don't know for sure that from here there's a here after. There's one thing for sure that I do know and that's the power of Love and how it can grow. Hate, disagreement, and turmoil are a few of the things that cause war and distruction. Where as true Love given is the quickest way to peace and serenity. Whether God sits somewhere above us on his throne to guide and direct us is still a mystery to me. I know for sure that if the foundation of our life is fortified with Love we will have a great destiny. There's a God in my heart and I call my God Love and my God's as strong and as powerful as anything that comes from above. Love is not something that you need blind faith just to know that it's there if you open your eyes you'll see it everywhere. I believe in LOVE and that's what I wanted to share. You can have some of my LOVE it's from Big Daddy Cash." I really care."