Wednesday, July 14, 2010




  1. Dear William, I am sitting here crying mourning for Lady today right along with you. My heart goes out to you. You know that we lost our old Grandma Maggie that was a Mother for me once a year. I loved her with all my heart and swore just like you that I would never adopt another dog. Within two weeks I found myself searching on the Internet for a black female Standard Poodle of which I had always wanted to have. It was Mother's Day when the e-mail arrived that said this lady had just what I wanted to buy. Her one condition was that we come pick her up. I showed Richard the e-mail and he said, "What are you waiting for? Give her a call and tell her that we are on our way." What better Mother's Day could I receive than a bundle of love and joy for me once more to behold? We arrived in Arkansas late that night and we had to stay over in a Hotel because it was too late to wake up the lady as well. Morning came not to early, we had breakfast and called and said we were on our way. Sophie was out running in the yard as anxious to me us as we were to meet her. As soon I we met we both knew that our loved would soon be entwined. She fit immediately in our home and she even shared our bed. Not long after, Tawny came to us in the same way and we picked her in Indiana. The last e-mail was about a little boy for sale so off to Kentucky we went as well. He was a big baby and his Daddy was so tall that I named him Dante' Running Bear because he reminded me of Dante's Mountain. Now with all the kids grown and out of the house we have another family that we adore. I would like to offer you a puppy after they are born and are eight weeks old. You would have to have her flown to your home but I would love to give you a full blooded Standard Poodle puppy that you could share your life and love with. I know that your heart is aching now for Lady but there is always more room for love. Think about it and please go to my blogsite that you so lovingly made for me and read 'The Loss of A Loved One' again and really read the words. I send you my sorrow,sympathy and love.
    Love again,
    Tamara Lesley

  2. Tammy, in your heart is more teh any one person can share love. I am so happy that you have a four legged family to give love to because they give it back ten-fold. I still have Bobby, Sweetheart and Charley and a little stray puppy that I have named "Toots". She looks just like the puppy I lost to parvo. Is it possible that Sheeba has come back to me in the body of another puppy. This little one not only looks like Sheeba but she has exactly the same charactoristics.
    Thanks for offering me a Poodle you are so thoughtful but I think I'll share the love I had for Lady with the wonderful four legged kids I have left. LOL, BDC