Monday, July 19, 2010


LOVERS LULLABY by Julie Ann Cottingham

Silent now, be silent
Let this lullaby begin
As words become irrelevant
Distant voices calmed within
Silently, come closer
Let the touch become our words
Gently as we fall in love
Distant voices can't be heard
Quietly, a kind of hush
The still and charismatic night
Closer, coming closer
Distant voices, distant light
Silent now, be silent
As music plays in time
The lullaby of lovers
And I have lost my mind
No one else can see us
There's no one else around
Do you see them as they fade away
Distant voices, distant sounds
Until there echo's memory
Succumbs to hidden depths
Hush, I think they've gone now
And we alone are left


  1. This is a gentle poem written of love and quietness. I enjoyed reading your words of love so fine and that finally both of you are left alone.
    Tamara Lesley

  2. This poem is sunlimity, erotism, and love-st=truck madness pleasantly interwoven.....LOL.
    Perfect in structure, whirling sentimentality! A couple in love can make the whole wide world become very small and very close with blissful moments.