Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here I am again in the quite of my own space. Sitting in front of my computer reminiscing, thinking about my life and the struggle to get to its destination and end my lives journey. Certain events are painted in color and easy for me to see. My mind travels to places that I wish I’d never been yet touches on the things I learned from these experiences. I’ve seen the darkest of dark and the brightest of light. So here I sit just thinking about all the different stories I can tell.
When it is quiet and I’m all alone my thoughts come to me in bits and pieces like the parts of a puzzle. They challenge me to put them together. Putting together the pieces that picture a lifetime of memories in the spur of the moment and the moment is now. My thoughts are like the kindling that kindles a fire with burning emotions.
I can see by my trips into the past how I never followed tradition, I’m an individual of quick decision at least I have been the bulk of my life. I don’t keep a straight course on the highway of life I take the byways and side roads that lead to new places some that I should have detoured around but once taken must be experienced. Life is only a mystery if you let it be. The decisions I’ve made have led me to the places I’ve been.
I may think of something I did yesterday, last week, last month or many years ago. I think about the bad things I’ve done, the people I’ve hurt and the hate that shouldn’t have been. I think about the ladies I’ve lusted for and the one night stands and the occasional affairs. I think about my accomplishments and my failures. I think about my dreams and my desires. All these thoughts flash by in fleeting moments. I can visualize every lifetime event, feel it, taste it, and smell it. All of this when I reminisce.
Breaking all barriers, taking all challenges, sifting all dreams, I look and I listen, I feel and I smell all this in an instance with a knowledge of truth. My keyboard cries out and my fingers scurry typing out stories that fill my imagination. I think of my mother and her life unfolds before me. My father steps up on the pedestal beckoning me with open arms. Am I losing my mind or are these the thoughts of a writer? Am I on the verge of a literary masterpiece?
Just for an instance I slipped away in a dream now I’m back in all reality. My mind is like a machine picking up thoughts and transforming them into virtually anything with a comprehensive view of the global intrinsic blueprints. Again I look and I see but this time I’m not dreaming. Nowhere is knowledge greater then on the pages of my computer. Through the eyes of my monitor searching, researching, measuring and analyzing learning from the almost forgotten minds focusing on what people think scoping the planet.
Oh Mr. Egocentricity, look at you, you’re the center attraction but you live in your own little world where there is no vision, nowhere to expand your mind. Your thoughts are all encompassed in a restricted area. Where as I am my own altruistic self with a burning desire to set the world on fire. I want to help people, teach people and learn from people. I want people to enjoy what I write as well as learn from what I write.
I just wanted you to know these things Mr. Egocentricity that’s why I’m sending this letter.
Regards, Big Daddy Cash


  1. Hee! Hee!
    Lots more here than meets the eye...!!!

  2. How much more inspiring can you be? You teach us everyday about life and writing poetry and short stories just from what we experienced through our lives trials and triumphs. You are truly a wonderful teacher filled with love and we shall always admire you for everything that you write straight from your heart.
    Tamara Lesley