Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long Lonely Roads

I’ve walk this long and winding road alone.
I’ve found the side roads and detours on my own.
I’ve had successes and failures I couldn’t share.
Because a mate and lives partner wasn’t there.

I have many friends, of that I can’t complain.
But to have that special one, it’s not the same.
I love my friends and find them good company.
But I’m looking for someone to be part of me.

There’s another lonely road around the bend.
Maybe on this road I’ll find my special friend.
And if I do I’ll gently hold her in my arms.
I’ll kiss her, caress her and tell her of her charms.

Sometimes in the night when I’m lonely and blue.
I hope with all my heart that my fantasies come true.
There’s a passion in me that wants to explode.
And that’s what it’s like on lives long lonely road

1 comment:

  1. BigDaddyCash, Are you sure that you want a real woman in your life to have to put up with all of our short comings. We aren't always perfect, even though a lot of us try to be. If a woman is what you truly want then the Universe will send you a woman that posesses the charms that you desire. Just "ask, and ye shall receive." You certainly deserve to have what ever you wish for so my prayers are for a beautiful woman to slip quietly into your life and your loving arms.